Guacamol(traditional, pineapple or serrano chile)   (6)

Our scratch-made guac is made from ripe avocados and gently mashed with tomato, onion, cilantro and fresh lime juice.

Guacamole Trio   (12)                                                           

Three guacamoles offered at once for the ultimate taste excursion. Traditional, pineapple and serrano chile. 

Nachos   (6/8)                                                               

The classic starter layered with melted mixed cheeses and loaded with refried beans, jalapenos, pico de gallo and lime crema. Regular and large portions available.

add shreddechicken ‚pastorcarnitaor carne asada  (3)  add grillechicken  (4)

Flautas   (7.25)                                                                            

Three deep-fried, flour tortilla taquitos filled with shredded chicken and drizzled with a chipotle cream sauce.

Ceviche   (11.50)                                                                 

Fresh fish cooked in lime juice and accented with tomato, onion, cilantro, cucumber and avocado.

Calamari   (9.50)                                                                           

Lightly coated in a seasoned flour and served with a spicy cocktail sauce. 

Antojto Sampler   (22)                                                                      

A party size offering of guacamole, quesadilla, flautas and jalapeño poppers to share!


Hacienda Taco Salad   (7.50)

Our take on the traditional taco salad served in a crispy flour tortilla bowl with rice, black beans, mixed lettuce, pico de gallo, mixed cheeses, sour cream and guacamole. 

Chicken Chipotle Salad   (10.25)                                                           

Chopped romaine tossed with corn, roasted red peppers, black beans, four cheeses, jicama and then mixed with our original Maria’s chipotle sauce and topped with seasoned tortilla strips, avocado and chicken breast.

Grilled Baja Caesar Salad   (9)                                                             

A grilled half head of romaine dressed with our bold Caesar dressing, toasted pepitas, roasted red peppers and queso fresco.

Garden Salad   (4)                                                                     

Mixed greens, shaved onions, shredded carrots, diced cucumber with your choice of dressing.

Marnie’s Sopa de Tortilla   (6)                                                             

Crisp strips of tortilla in a delicious broth with chicken, tomatoes, onions, carrots and jalapeños.


Served with rice and your choice of beans

A Maria’s staple and a classic entrée that deserves to be customized to your liking. Choose from the selections below to make your ultimate enchiladas – build your own!

     One Enchilada   (7)         /        Two Enchiladas   (11)        /          Three Enchiladas   (15)

          Carnes  Fill your enchilada with shredded roasted chicken, carnitas, pastor or asada 

          Sauce    Dress your enchiladas with our house roja, salsa verde, or suiza 


Served with rice and your choice of beans

Casa Carnitas   (15.25)                          

The Maria’s house specialty – period. Our recipe produces two different textures of warm, moist and hot, crunchy. Slow roasted, marinated pork is flash fried and then served with carmelized onions, pineapple salsa and a charred flour tortilla. 

Camarones a la Diablo  Hot!   (16.50)

Eight jumbo shrimp sautéed in our house Diablo sauce served over rice with a side of corn and tortilla.

Steak Ranchera   (21)                                                                       

Our house steak! A grilled and marinated steak on a bed of salsa ranchera. Accompanied with a serving of rice, black beans, roasted jalapenos, grilled green onions, guacamole and fresh corn tortillas.  

Smokey Chipotle Quesadilla   (15)

A new house favorite! Blended cheeses cradled in a warm flour tortilla with grilled peppers, onions and chicken breast together with our original house Smokey Chipotle sauce – then grilled until golden!


Chile Verde   (10.25)

8-ounces of slow-roasted pork covered in our verde sauce and seasoned rice. Served with a flour tortilla.  


The popular Tex-Mex entrée brimming with charred aromas and sizzling flavors. Served with grilled fajita vegetables, sour cream and guacamole  and a warm tortilla.  Choose your own style from the following:

Grilled Chicken   (11)           /           Carne Asada   (13)           /          Grilled Shrimp   (14)

Chile Relleno   (9.25/12.25)

One or two traditional chile pasillas stuffed with Cotija cheese and deep fried with a fluffy egg batter.


Tortas   (9.50)

The original Latin sandwich presented with three types of meat. All of our tortas are prepared with a homemade avocado mayo, spicy verde sauce, lettuce, tomato and queso fresco on soft Tellero bread. All tortas are served with a side of crispy potatoes.  Choice of carnitas, carne asada or grilled chicken


A large flour tortilla with rice, lettuce, mixed cheeses, chipotle sour cream and your choice of beans (refried, charro or black). All burritos are topped with extra cheese.

Fajita Veggie (10) Carnitas (11) Pastor (11) / Shredded Roasted Chicken (11) Carne Asada (12) 


The perennial favorite of Maria’s regulars, our tacos are both traditional and adventurous! Add rice and beans for $2

 Two Tacos  (6)               /               Three Tacos  (8)                /                Four Tacos  (10)

Carnes shredded roasted chicken, carnitas, pastor or asada

Our 4” corn tortilla tacos made with diced onion, cilantro and a choice of roja sauce or chile verde sauce.

Mariscos deep fried fish or shrimp add $2 per taco

Seafood tacos are dressed with cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, queso fresco and lime crema then served on a 6” flour tortilla. Ask for sauté to create a smokier flavor. 


Why enjoy only one when you can have two or three? Choose from the combinations below. Served with rice and your choice of beans. Includes 3 items  (14)

(no substitutions on combinations please)

#1     Chicken taco, cheese enchilada & chicken enchilada

#2     Cheese enchilada, chicken enchilada & Chile Relleno 

#3     Cheese enchilada, chicken quesadilla & Chile Relleno